E3 Forum - A new generation of professionals talks about Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship on a Global context

E3 Forum - 26th June, Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisboa

A new generation of professionals talks about Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship on a Global context

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2013E31E3 Forum Initiative

Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship will be the topics under discussion during the E3 Forum, Pavilhão do Conhecimento, 26th June. For the third consecutive year, this will be a unique event for debate, interaction and sharing of experiences among members of Academy, Business, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Policy-makers and Masters and PhD students. Confirmed speakers: Elisa Martín Garijo (IBM South Europe), Chris Zegras (MIT), Mike de Leeuw (Branching Tree) and Mary O'Donovan (Hovione), among others. E3 Forum - Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship is an international conference organized by PhD students from the MIT Portugal Program.

E3 Forum Pre-Events

To stimulate the interest in the event and prepare participants for the conference, the Free Pre‑E3 Event Series, will take place across the country. The exhibition and discussion of a movie about the creation of Silicon Valley and its innovative culture, but also debates and lectures via video conference with speakers like Dr. Douglas Terrier (NASA) and Dr. Richard Frackowiak (Human Brain Project), will take place in various locations: IST (Lisbon), University of Minho (Braga) and INESC TEC (Porto). The pre‑E3 events will take place the week before the conference, 18-25 June.

Why E3 Forum Conference?

Taking into account the socio-economic situation, E3 Forum is an initiative that aims to contribute to the creation of a new generation of professionals, based on innovation and technological knowledge, and demonstrate that investment in training highly qualified professionals has a direct impact in society and that these professionals can take active participation in social and economic development of the country.

What will be discussed in E3 Forum?

E3 Forum 2013 aims to discuss the position of highly trained graduates in Portuguese society. Thus, it is intended to discuss and reveal the hidden virtues and pitfalls of careers in Academia or Industry, but also address the opportunities and challenges of those who stay or leave Portugal seeking employment. To achieve this, panels will have representatives with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, in order to contribute to the debate, but also to answer questions from the audience.

2013E32Poster Competition

In addition to seminars and roundtables that will have the contribution of key figures, a poster and prototypes competition will also take place in three categories: "Most Innovative Product/Technology", "Best Go-to-Market Strategy" and "Scientific Breakthrough".

Why participate in E3 Forum?

The two previous editions of E3 Forum received an enthusiastic feedback from the audience, and the general public, having received a total of 500 participants, 100 speakers and 60 business representatives. Now on its 3rd edition, E3 Forum will continue to build a dynamic and interactive environment, featuring Inspiring Talks, Debate Sessions, Parallel Seminars, Working Sessions and a Poster Competition, in order to promote networking among all participants.

Submission of papers for the posters competition (until June 21)

Registration for E3 Forum

Pre-events – Free entrance, registration required here:

19th June, 19h-21h – “American Experience: Silicon Valley” + debate; IST – Lisboa

20th June, 14h30-17h - “American Experience: Silicon Valley” + debate; INESC TEC – Porto

 20th June, 19h-21h – Dr. Douglas Terrier, NASA Johnson Space Center – video-conference; IST – Lisboa; Universidade do Minho – Braga

 24th June, 15h – Dr. Richard Frackowiak, Human Brain Project – video-conference;  Lisboa

25th June – “American Experience: Silicon Valley” + debate; University of Minho – Braga

26th June Main Event - Full program is available here.

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