Portugueses Pelo Mundo in Boston with the participation of a MPP PhD


Portugueses pelo Mundo is a Portuguese television program at RTP, that  show us the reality of Portuguese citizens who live in another country. Each episode corresponds to a different city around the world. On a recent episode, aired first on March 2013 but just recently available online, Portugueses pelo Mundo was in Boston and Vasco Portugal, a MIT Portugal Program PhD candidate, was one of the hosts. With him we got a glimpse of the MIT campus and the laboratories where research is integrated within the markets demands and highly funded by companies.  Vasco also showed the prototype he developed of a built-in sidewalk charger for the CityCar now featured at the MIT Media Lab . The innovative and playful teaching methods that characterize MIT were also highlighted during the TV program.  But of course the life of a PhD candidate is now just work, and we got to know the best place to  best Portuguese restaurants to go when you feel a little bit homesick and also the night life of this wonderful city.

You can access the full program.